10 Ways to Win Your Day and Increase Productivity

Increasing income is directly related to your productivity; and productivity is a way of life dictated by the habits we adopt and the way in which we approach each day.  To increase your productivity levels and set yourself apart from the crowd, adopt these ten productivity habits and watch the results multiply.

  1. Win Your Morning

Begin early.  Early mornings allow for a clear head to absorb positive thoughts, and you can do your most uncluttered thinking before the various items of the day begin to distract you.  Start before the sun comes up and the heightened productivity though the day will be evident.

Start with movement.  Thirty minutes of cardiovascular movement is a great way to start your day and create positive momentum.  It doesn’t have to be a crazy workout, but can be as simple as a 30 minute walk around the block.  A walk also provides for an opportunity to take in a podcast or audio recording of a personal development topic that will compound the use of your time and further accelerate your momentum.

Get your mind right.  Start with no less than 30 minutes of reading each morning.  Read a good book, preferably one that helps develop a quality that you are looking to improve upon.

Fuel your day.  Eat breakfast.  Mom was right.  You will be more successful when you begin your day with a healthy and energy boosting breakfast.  A common sense approach is sufficient and will set you on the path to higher productivity.

  1. Eliminate the Unproductive

Focus on profitable activities. Identify what you personally contribute to your business that creates the most value and return on your time, and faithfully focus on those few items.  This list should be small.  Don’t try to be all things to all people.  Simply be the best at one thing, and you’re income will increase accordingly.

Create a productive environment.  That’s right, “enjoy working.”  Nothing will help you improve productivity during the workday, and increase income, like creating an environment that breads creativity, focus, and mindset.  Some ideas to consider would be utilizing a standup desk, playing focus oriented instrumental music (not top 40 hits), and utilizing a stop watch to work in focused periods of time without distraction.

Eliminate email.  The total elimination of email may be a pipe dream for most of us, however, nothing kills productivity in the workplace like keeping email open and constantly pinging with notifications.  Schedule your email times and don’t be afraid to let your office know you aren’t using your inbox like an instant messenger.  Be a tyrant with this issue if you have to be (and can).  If you have an employer that uses email through the day and you don’t feel you can eliminate the distraction, go talk to your boss about options to improve your own productivity by limiting the use of email.  You will be surprised what the reaction may be, and may set you apart within your professional group.

  1. Create a Profitable Mindset

Win your evenings.  Success will only come when your early mornings become more important to you than your late nights; and preparation for the next day begins the night before.  Happy hours, especially “reverse happy hours,” will begin to take a back seat to your desire to begin fresh and focused as you begin to change your personal habits.  Skip the happy hours and go home to plan tomorrow wins.

Turn off after 8.  A good night’s sleep is critical to creating a healthy habit of winning your morning and digital devices and television are killers of a good night’s rest.  Don’t be afraid to walk away from the computer, the phone, the tablet, and even the television after 8 p.m.  Read a book with real paper and get to sleep before the evening news.  You don’t need that negativity anyway.

Read for fun.  Now that you’re eliminating digital devices after 8, take advantage of the opportunity to read a book with real pages.  This isn’t your morning personal development book.  This is the book you always wanted to read as a kid but never did.  This is a book that stimulates creativity, or fantasy, while simultaneously taking you away from your productive day in a way that sets your mind up for a successful night’s sleep.

Increasing one’s income is as simple of creating more margin for productivity and success.  These 10 characteristics will provide the rocket fuel to raise your personal trajectory and improve your margins in business and life.