Speaking Inquires

Chris is available to speak on various topics relating to personal development and the practice of law at your next CLE or association function.  Specific topics may be requested, or he can speak on a prepared topic identified below.

Prepared Topics

“The Prodigal Lawyer” – Like the parable of the prodigal son, many find themselves in a place in life that they never anticipated.  Whether you need to quit living with the pigs, or just come back to a better attitude and place in life, The Prodigal Lawyer is filled with Chris’ raw and personal accounts, guideposts, and actionable takeaways for anyone looking to get back into a better place in their personal and professional life.

“The Power of Personal Habit”Small positive changes in your life, performed consistently over time, can create life-changing results in both your life, your business, and your relationships.  Chris uses personal examples from his own life, and correlating teachings on the topic of compounding habits to create a simple yet powerful plan for revolutionizing your life.

“Make Happy Where You Are” – Success is not a precursor to happiness so much as happiness is a precursor to success; but how do we create an emotional framework that will contribute to our own personal successes when it seems so much in our profession is working against our own happiness.  Chris will guide you through a dynamic plan for first creating the positive and happy outlook necessary for tackling the daily tasks unique to lawyers in a way that will contribute to the daily, weekly, and yearly successes we all measure our life against.

“The Office As Home: What I learned about life and practice from a year of living in my office.” – For roughly a year Chris called his office in Oklahoma City home while he worked to build a satellite office.  The experience opened his eyes to the habits, paradigms, and personal views that were creating unnecessary stress, expense, and professional and personal barriers to success in his life, that when faced through the experience of living in his office transformed his own life and can transform the lives of others.  This is a dynamic lesson in work-life balance like no other you’ve heard.

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