Free Fascination Advantage Report

Understanding your personal anthem is a critical first step in developing an authentic personal brand that is true to who you are and where you want to take your life, your practice and your career.

Sally Hogshead has developed a test to help determine, not how you see the world, but instead how the world sees you, and the results can be quite insightful.  I just took the test, and I immediately forwarded it to my office, business associates and family so they are able to take advantage of the current offer made available by Sally for listeners of John Lee Dumas’ podcast Entrepreneur on Fire (which I recommend you check out on iTunes).

For a short while you can access and complete the fascination advantage test for free at,  The book code for access is “FIRE.”

Take advantage of this free opportunity, and maybe you’ll learn something about yourself and how others view you, which in turn will assist you in focusing your advantages in such a way that will help you better live The Lawyer Life.