Make Your Legal Vendor Experience Known!

Attention attorneys. The Lawyer Life is seeking information, reviews, experiences, warnings and recommendations relating to all law related business vendors such as Clio, Lexis Nexis, Rocket Matter, West Publishing, Avvo, Total Attorneys, Legal Match, etc.

Attorneys across the United States are inundated with marketing and sales pitches for these companies. We would like to know what your experience has been with any of them.

Your reviews will be anonymous, but please forward your contact information, a description of your experience with the product, and whether you would recommend it or not. This is an informal process, and we will keep a running review of these products for readers so please submit your review at any time. We’ll post reviews in a period post specifically relating to a vendor review.  We believe this will be a fun and informative look at the vendors we all deal with on a daily basis.

Email submissions to We look forward to hearing from you.