Support Staff Friday – Products We Love

This week, Alicia Ivory is highlighting a legal support services product.  Clio is a cloud-based practice management platform that provides a central docketing, billing, matter administration, and contact database for law firms.  Alicia is a fan of the product, and she tells us why in this Support Staff Friday blog post.  Enjoy.

Top 15 Reasons that I love Clio:

15. The reports – I can figure out the weakest link, the strongest link, and the areas we need to improve in all in a glance.

14. The limitless calendaring! It’s essential that we docket everything! From deadlines to hearings, client consultations to conference room time not to mention travel schedules and the day to day phone calls that need to be returned. You can have a separate calendar for everything!  Hide what you don’t want to see, show what you do, you can share and make private. It’s incredible!

13. If you need to know how to do something in Clio there is a support site dedicated to any question that you might possibly have. From syncing your calendar with your iPhone to making your bills beautiful it’s there with a click of a button. There are video tutorials and step by step written instruction.

12. Clio is extremely affordable. For a boutique Law Firm or a Large Law Firm, Clio has rates that everyone can afford.

11. Branding! Your Firm name is all over everything – customize your Clio with your logo and pictures of your staff.

10. CLE Opportunities. Clio is constantly offering CLE opportunities at no additional cost to you. You can’t beat free, anywhere CLE’s.

9. Syncability – Clio syncs with Gmail. I can set a timer while I write emails or talk on the phone with clients from my email provider.  This means that I don’t have to toggle between programs. I can do real time billing with not a lot of effort.

8. Document Automation – Magic words in my opinion. We have an arsenal of simple pleadings and letters that we can use Clio to help us draft with just a few clicks. This helps us maintain our high standards because it auto fills our documents rather than us hunting through and changing out old information.

7. Clio is constantly changing and always for the better.

6. Did I mention Syncability? Clio syncs with Dropbox so that we can save documents to our client matters and access documents through our client matters.

5.  I love Clio’s Customer Service & Technical Support. They are always friendly. I get a quick response if I’m having an issue that needs to be resolved and chances are by the time I call their already working on it.

4. Clio Connect – Great for co-counsel and customers, Clio connect provides your firm a common work space that is secure. Share bills, calendar entries and notes with your clients. Share matters and documents with co-counsel. Co-counsel can also enter their time so that you can send your common client one bill!

3. Clio is customizable. Make your clients matter display according to the type of case and according your work flow. You’re limited only by your imagination!

2. Mobile!! Not only can you log into Clio from any computer and see all of your information, Clio offers an iPhone app. You can check your docket from the Courthouse, look up client information from a coffee shop, or work from a cabana at your favorite resort (so long as your phone gets service there).

1. Easy to use – yep. That’s all, my top reason it’s really Easy to use.

Alicia Ivory is Operations Director for The Smith Firm, PLC, a general civil practice firm with offices in Oklahoma and Texas.  Ms. Ivory is a Certified Clio Consultant and can be reached at