Transactions at the Marketplace of Life

Now I can see that the world is a market where everything is marked at a set price and I must stand by my decision, whatever I buy with my time, labor, and ingenuity, whether it be riches, ease, fame, integrity, or knowledge. – Og Mandino

Your life is a marketplace, and you’re purchasing something every minute of every day with your time, labor and effort.  You better be happy with your purchase, because in this market there are no returns.

Where are you on the happiness scale in your professional life?  Do you find yourself waking up eager to get to work, or dreading the moment you leave the house?  If you’re dreading it, why would you continue in a professional setting that drains the life out of you?

An accounting of your investment in life will be made today, tomorrow, and in the ultimate end.  Will you be receiving return on your investment, or will you be found owing?

There is no more valuable currency than time.  Spend it wisely, and on items that matter.

Here are three things to do to help improve your use of time and increase happiness levels in your workplace.

1.  Define your objective.  If you’re working without a purpose, you’re purposefully not working.  If you have no idea what your end goal is, you’re not going to enjoy your efforts at work because you’re not going to have a clue why you’re doing what you’re doing.  Set specific goals for your work day, week, month, and year, and then create a plan for achieving those goals.  Write them down or they’re useless.  Make them part of your daily routine and watch your approach to your day begin to change.

2.  Prepare your head for the coming day.  You can probably judge your attitude for the work day based on your attitude toward your morning.  Do you wake up with a purpose?  Do you have a morning routine that creates headspace for productivity and enthusiasm?  Are you incorporating movement, meditation, reflection, or personal development time into your morning routine?  Begin by choosing one thing you’re going to do every morning that will improve you, and watch the rest of your workday improve.

3.  Create an environment you want to work in.  Is your workspace encouraging productivity and though, or sucking the life out of you?  Do you need inspiration?  Add some pictures, art, or music to your workspace.  Are you drained on energy?  Add a stand up desk if you can.  Take a walk every so often, and work in segments of attentive time.  You spend the majority of your waking life in your workspace, why not create a place you want to be?